January 25, 2012

January 25 - Our link to the Twin Towers

I just found out today that the architect who built the World Trade Centre in New York (Minoru Yamasaki)  also designed our Dr. Archer Library.  Who knew?  The building is listed in the Wikipedia article about Minoru Yamasaki.

The Y-shaped pillars and windows enclosing the main floor echo the design of th main entrance/lobby to the Towers.  [It is even easier to see the resemblance when there is not snow piled up in the courtyard in front of the building.    :-)   ]

January 24 - We belong to one world

The hallway in the South Residence Building features flags representing all the international students who have attended the University of Regina. It also contains a few provincial flags as well (yeah Alberta!)

It is very colourful and brightens my day every time I walk down it.

January 23 - Happy Chinese New Year

Many locations around campus acknowledged the Chinese New Year. This photo was one taken outside a coffee shop in the Riddell Centre.

January 22 - Hallways of learning

I work at the University of Regina. It's a lovely campus with many interesting architectural features. For the rest of this month and for the month of February, I will be taking photos of different aspects of the buildings I work in. I'll be trying new techniques - some will work - some will fail. But that's why I started this blog: to improve my photography skills and to create a record of Regina whether it be good, bad or ugly.

Today's photo is of the hallway in front of the Archer Library. It is a very dark entrance to get into the library (shown on the left) but the hallway always draws your eye past it to the light beyond.

January 21 - Feeling poorly...

I've had a migraine for the past week, so I haven't been posting. I am feeling better today and will catch up on my posts.

This first pic is one I took of my best friend's dog, Charlie. Too cute for words and it always cheers me up.